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[object object] Produk Banner Slider 1600x700px products 30x13

Available Color

Sheet Size

Width x Length

1250 x 1500
2500 x 3000
1220 x 2440



2.0 mm
3.0 mm
4.0 mm
5.0 mm

Why ALVAboard

[object object] Produk inovatif ico 1


Distinctive material to accomodate your limitless creativity

[object object] Produk alternate ico


It can be used as solution for specific purposes name it creativity or heavy-duty.

[object object] Produk eco friendly ico 1


Easy to cut, bend, punch, and bond with other materials

[object object] Produk color pallete ico 1

Unique Colour Variation

Various vibrant colors to suit your imagination.

[object object] Produk uv stabilize ico 1

UV stabilize

Stable against exposure of sunlight.

[object object] Produk durable ico


High endurance against repeated bending and folding

[object object] Produk resistant ico 1


Resists to water, heat, and chemical substances.

[object object] Produk great ico 1

Great Workability

Easy to cut, bend, punch, and bond with other materials

[object object] Produk hygienic ico 1


Produces no dust as cardboard does. We love cleanliness.

[object object] Produk high rigidity ico 1

High Rigidity

Does not easily break or tear. High impact resistant.

[object object] Produk food grade ico 1

Food Grade

Safe direct contact with edible products.

[object object] Produk printable ico 1


Can be printed and laminated directly on the surface

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Contact us for various questions about the product or just share ideas to bring about innovations in our environment. Let us realize the creation-creations are remarkable, beneficial to others and remain environmentally friendly.

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