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What is ALVAboard ?

ALVAboard is a high-quality corrugated sheet made from premium-quality polypropylene that is very versatile and suitable for various applications both indoor and outdoor. With numerous distinctive characteristics such as light, durable, printable as well as high-impact, water and chemical resistant, ALVAboard becomes an ultimate alternative of traditional corrugated cardboard and plywood.

Sheet Size

[object object] Product UKURAN ALVABOARD 30x7


Width x Length

2.0 mm
3.0 mm
4.0 mm
5.0 mm

1250 x 1500
2500 x 3000
1220 x 2440
2.0 mm

*Please contact us for customized size

Available Colors

[object object] Product pallete color 11 1


[object object] Product pallete color 8 1


[object object] Product pallete color 5 1


[object object] Product pallete color 2 1


[object object] Product pallete color 10 1


[object object] Product pallete color 7 1 1


[object object] Product pallete color 4 1 12


[object object] Product pallete color 9 1


[object object] Product pallete color 6 1


[object object] Product pallete color 3 1


[object object] Product inovatif ico 1


Create creativity without limits.

[object object] Product alternative ico 1


Solution for various materials & shape.

[object object] Product eco friendly ico 1


Recyclable product and eco-friendly.

[object object] Product color pallete ico 1

Variant Color

Various magical vibrant colors.


[object object] Product uv stabilize ico 1

UV Stabilize

Under temperatures changes & sunlight.

[object object] Product durable ico 1


Strong to be bend and folded

[object object] Product resistant ico 1


Secure from damages

[object object] Product great ico 1


Easy to cut, bend, and bond.

[object object] Product hygienic ico 1


Produces no dust as cardboard does.

[object object] Product high rigidity ico 1


Does not easy to break or tear.

[object object] Product food grade ico 1

Food Grade

Safe for edible products.

[object object] Product printable ico 1

Print Area

Print and lamination-friendly


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ALVAboard is Truly Efficient

The industry sometimes requires more attention towards how it can survive with high production cost. The challenge is either to decrease the amount of production both quality and quantity, or to look for alternatives that can replace some of the production materials which are equal but cheaper.


ALVAboard offers the industry more than that. It is not only efficient in term of cost production but also add more value into the products, such as design and environment value. Give special touch to your product and company through distinctive material, ALVAboard.

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